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Imprint Mokume & Mixed Media Workshops

Mokume Gane, which loosely translates to "wood-eye-metal", is a Japanese metalworking technique traditionally used to adorn samurai swords.  In the workshops, a loose adaptation of this process is used to imprint clay and create vibrantly colored and beautifully detailed polymer focal beads and bead sets.


All supplies are included with the exception of clay, and based on the workshop selected, may include beads, washers, metal tubing, craft wire, 23k gold leaf, cord, sandpaper and an imprint tool kit. 


One Day Workshop : Bead Design & Finishing

1) Color Stacks - Color inspiration, mixing tips, custom palettes

2) Imprints - Use a wide variety of unique tools (& make your own!) to develop a design

3) Focal Bead – Shaping & smoothing a focal cabochon bead and/or bead sets

4) Finishing – Info and tips on sanding, buffing and bead drilling techniques


Magpie Mokume - General Bead Design and Finishing PLUS incorporate metal leaf and alcohol inks

Lazy River - General Bead Design and Finishing PLUS add layers of texture and dimension

All Meshed Up - General Bead Design and Finishing PLUS incorporate copper mesh "see-thru" accents


Two Day Workshop : Jewelry Fabrication 

Add a second day to the one-day workshop and learn to integrate your finished beads with washers, metal tubing, beads and vintage objects to create a stunning and unique piece of jewelry.


1) Tool Review – Pliers, tube cutters, hammer, jewelers file

2) Focus on Design – Functional bail, metal accent pieces, resin as a design element

3) Create Bail – Metal tube, wire-wrap, riveted or hidden

4) Fabrication – Create coiled wire end caps and a hammered clasp

5) Links – Useful resources for supplies, color choosers, etc.


Tribal Pendants - Stack "stick beads" and compliment with metal accent "dangles"

Tube Bail Pendants - Shape, cut & file metal tubing for the bail

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