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A wealth of polymer clay information can be found on-line.  Use the links below to purchase supplies, download tutorials, learn tips and tricks and view other artist's work.


Polymer Clay Daily        A "must-have" daily fix which showcases polymer artists worldwide

Clayville California        Greater Sacramento Region Polymer Clay Guild


IPCA                               International Polymer Clay Association


I have some favorite artist sites that I am including here for you to check out.  Regardless of the media, these are all artists whose work has me drooling (in a good way, of course).  Enjoy!


Wendy McAllister          Lush and organically botanical enamel jewelry - simply compelling


Susan Lenart Kazmer   Artwork from vintage/found objects; often unusual, always unique!


Kathleen Dustin            Museum quality polymer - stunningly creative and inspirational


Louise Fischer Cozzi    Deliciously rich, deep colors & soothing textures...just wanna touch! 

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