A wealth of polymer clay information can be found on-line.  Use the links below to purchase supplies, download tutorials, learn tips and tricks and view other artist's work.


Polymer Clay Daily        A "must-have" daily fix which showcases polymer artists worldwide


Daily Art Muse               Education and inspiration all rolled up together...not to be missed!


Polymer Clay Central    Tutorials, challenges, chats, products...a little bit of everything


Glass Attic                      A polymer primer and more; this huge compilation of info is amazing!


Hearts for Heroes          A special project of the polymer community to honor our military 


The polymer clay community is full of talented and creative artists who are willing to share their knowledge and expertise.  One of the great benefits of joining a polymer clay guild is the chance to meet and learn in the company of other clay addicts!


Clayville California        Greater Sacramento Region Polymer Clay Guild


IPCA                               International Polymer Clay Association


I have some favorite artist sites that I am including here for you to check out.  Regardless of the media, these are all artists whose work has me drooling (in a good way, of course).  Enjoy!


Wendy McAllister          Lush and organically botanical enamel jewelry - simply compelling


Susan Lenart Kazmer   Artwork from vintage/found objects; often unusual, always unique!


Kathleen Dustin            Museum quality polymer - stunningly creative and inspirational


Louise Fischer Cozzi    Deliciously rich, deep colors & soothing textures...just wanna touch! 

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