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I'm so very grateful for all of the amazing people I've met on my polymer voyage...students, mentors, jewelry design customers, book and magazine editors, fellow artists and creatives. Each of you has enriched my life by your presence, and I would like to return that favor with a gift from my hands to yours.

This past year I've been designing 3D-printed imprint tools and cutters and my talented husband has been printing them for me. Two of my favorite imprint tools are shown below, along with earrings that I made using them. I had so much fun with them and decided they would be perfect to share.

So...I'll be using computer software to randomly select two winners from my newsletter subscribers. 
 If you aren't a current subscriber, just click here. And don't worry about getting inundated with my newsletters...I think the last one I sent out was in 2018, lol. Oh, and I almost forgot...there is no restriction on your location. I will be shipping these free to you wherever you live.  I just can't guarantee how fast they will arrive (:-)).  The drawing will take place August 1, 2021.  Best of luck!


Circle + Lines Imprint Tool

Polymer earrings in colors of goldenrod, lavender, rose, crimson and ecru. Accented with zinc and copper washers and heat patina earwires. 1.5"x1"
Choose left pair (SS) or right (14K GF)

Polymer earrings in colors of turquoise, seafoam, ecru granite, and brown. Accented with copper beads and heat patina earwires. 1"x1.5"
Choose left pair (14K GF) or right (14K GF)


Circle + Petals Imprint Tool

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